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Airbus in the Pacific operates a one-stop aeronautical design and manufacturing facility. We specialise in delivering ad hoc or short-run design and manufacturing solutions in support of major airframe assembly, maintenance and modification programmes.

Airbus New Zealand is GIC (Guardian Independent Certification) accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and holds a wide range of approvals including CAA NZ Part 145 (Maintenance Organisation), Part 146 (Design Organisation) and Part 148 (Manufacturing Organisation) approvals, EASA and CASA. The company is also the proud holder of CAA NZ and, for propeller support in Australia, CASA, SMS accreditation.

Key Services

Engineering Design and technical services

Aeronautical engineering (fabrication, machining, grinding)

Metal and Composite propeller systems maintenance, repair and overhaul

Engine maintenance, repair and overhaul

Airframe maintenance, repair and overhaul

Component specialist services (electroplating, heat treatment, shot-peening, welding)

Recent Projects

Rappelling device (Design and manufacture)

Luggage racks (Design and manufacture)

Explosive Suppressant Foam installation

C130H Life Extension Programme

P3, C130H and Seasprite Depot Level Maintenance, repair and overhaul

T56 and J 52 engine Depot Level Maintenance, repair and overhaul

BK117 fabrication and repair of component parts

Flightcell DZM integrates Iridium satphone and cellphone voice communications with GPS flight-following in this very compact, lightweight unit.

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