Classic Aero Machining

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We specialize in Reverse Engineering and Remanufacturing difficult-to-obtain aircraft parts and engines

CAMS is a genuine one-stop service for the reverse engineering and remanufacture of metal aircraft parts for WWI, WW2, modern and experimental airplanes including engines. Parts are available ex-stock or manufactured to order.

Using original drawings or reverse-engineering from original aircraft parts or engines, replacements are remanufactured to the highest standards replicating both the performance and appearance of the originals. Production ranges from the smallest brackets to complete engines. With their in-house test rigs and computerized engine dyno CAMS can provide everything from initial drawings through to performance assessment and verification. Successful re-manufacture of the RAF 1a engine is a testament to the services available.

Other projects include the Gnome oil pumps, Gnome cylinders, as well as a vast array of parts for many different aircraft types … AVRO 504, Sopworth pup and Camel, RAF BE2E, Fokker DR1, SE5, Bristol, Lockheed 10 and 12, P36, P38, P39, P40, P47, Spitfire and Avro Anson. The list of parts made for the Curtiss P40 is growing as are the clients using them. CAMS also remanufactures parts for modern civilian aircraft such as the ATR 72-500 and defence aircraft including C130 Hercules and P3 Orions.

Classic Aero Machining Service
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