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Tandem Flights

Nelson Hang Gliding Adventures can take you for that flight you have always dreamed of. You can fly like the birds, high over Tasman Bay with 360-degree views that you will not forget.

Just a moderate level of fitness is required for a tandem flight. Age is no barrier, we have taken as young as seven years and up to 85 years of age.

Your tandem pilot will give you a briefing with everything you need to know, and then you will be ready to fly. Using a special two-person hang glider we fly from Barnicoat, a 2,000-foot hill (660 metres) less than 10 kilometres from Nelson City. For tandem flights, we use the most up to date “Sky Floater” gliders, which ensure you get the best flight possible, with the highest level of safety.

The flight is from 15 to 20 minutes, which includes soaring, or thermalling up high, and then gliding out to our landing zone over 3.5 kilometres away. The pilot may be able to give you control (even on your first tandem) and instruct you on how to operate the glider. For the adventurous, there is the option of some in-flight aerobatics and then an effortless landing on soft rubber wheels.

Whether your goal is becoming a qualified HG pilot yourself, or just to enjoy the views Nelson has to offer, then taking an introductory tandem is perfect for you.

Cost – $185.00 per tandem (pick up and return from Nelson free of charge).

*Note: The weight limit for tandem passengers is 100kg maximum Under 16 years of age must have parent or guardian signature

Learn how to fly-solo

We have fantastic results with training HG pilots. Whether you want a weekend’s only training course or a condensed 1 – 2 week block (the best way to learn), we will suit your needs.

Glenn Meadows is one of New Zealand’s most experienced hang gliding instructors. He has taught over 100 people how to fly hang gliders, including conducting training for the NZ Army.

Lessons start on flat ground where you learn to set up and balance the glider in the wind. Your first flights will be just 1 – 2 metres above the ground. All hang glider pilots need to learn foot-launching techniques to safely participate in this sport. Launching techniques are practiced and perfected on our training slopes before attempting high flights. We specialise in high altitude, foot-launched hang gliding, which is what most South Island HG pilots are into.

Learning to fly is a gradual process. As you progress you will graduate to higher and higher flights. Tandem flights are part of the training syllabus. We will do at least one tandem before you attempt soaring or thermalling yourself.

Lessons are 4 – 8 hours depending on the number of students and travelling distance. Most people will need 8 – 10 days to complete NZHGPA Novice (hang 2) qualification. NZHGPA qualifications are transferable to most other countries.

Cost – $160.00 per day.

Meet the Hang Gliding Team

Glenn Meadows is a true hang gliding enthusiast. Even on his days off, he can be found soaring around somewhere. Glenn started flying hang gliders in 1989 at the age of 20. Some people are simply compelled to fly and Glenn is one of them, he soon became involved at every level of the sport. An instructor since 1993, Glenn was the operator of Auckland Hang Gliding School and was also elected as Club President of Auckland HGPC for 3 years before moving to Nelson. He has held the NZHGPA Hang Gliding Training Manager position from 1999 – 2003.

Nelson Hang Gliding Adventures was established in 1998 and is a real team effort. The ground crew is a major point of difference in our operation. Justine, our main assistant, has been with us since the beginning and has had countless tandem flights she knows the needs of our passengers. Having an experienced assistant to aid with launches and to drive to pick us up ensures your complete hang gliding experience will go smoothly.

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