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SRD is a New Zealand based company with the core business in design, prototyping and manufacturing aerospace components, internal combustion engines, and charging devices. SRD’s new innovations use materials such as titanium and carbon fibre in advanced design and manufacturing techniques.

Our unprecedented success has fuelled customer demand globally from diverse market sectors designing and developing technologies and components for aerospace, defence, energy, marine and automotive applications.

Core Services

  • Engineering & consultancy
  • CAD/CAM, design & manufacture
  • Precision CNC milling & turning
  • Fabrication & welding
  • Prototype & small batch manufacturing
  • Concept design & development of internal combustion engines
  • Optimisation & field testing of engines and components
  • Aerospace & defence components
  • UAV (drone) aircraft engines & components
  • Medical / surgical equipment
  • Energy / environmental products
  • Motorsport products
  • Titanium products

Recent Design And Manufacture Projects:

  • Design and manufacture tooling and processes for the manufacture of titanium flight control shims for Boeing 787 Dream liner aircraft.
  • Design and manufacture tooling for Air New Zealand Boeing 747 & 777 monument upgrade program.
  • Manufacture aircraft components for Ministry Of Defence P3-Orion & C130 upgrade program
  • Consultant, design and manufacture engines & drive train components for the Martin Jet Pack.
  • Consultant, design revolutionary propulsion system for UAV (drone) aircraft.
  • Design and manufacture Airbus A320 rear wing fitting tooling
  • Design and manufacture tooling & composite parts for ANSTO’s new particle beam accelerator.
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